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Access Control

Threats come in many forms. Theft, arson, sabotage, burglary, vandalism, industrial espionage – to name but a few. So, where to start? One should first ask oneself what exactly one wants to prevent, or at least make it more difficult. Accordingly, who should be authorised to enter certain buildings, areas or rooms and who should not? This applies equally to how visitors are handled. How do they get into the building? How and under what conditions do they move around? What checks are carried out on bags, backpacks, cameras, smartphones and laptops? The operator is under pressure to act from several sides. Customers and external business partners are placing increasing emphasis on the need for security. In addition, there are sector-specific standards and legal requirements. One example is ISO/IEC 27002, which describes information security as an overall task.

Optimal access control is always a compromise. It prevents unauthorised entry, while restricting people’s freedom of movement as little as possible. And the costs involved remain within reasonable limits for the company. We’ll help you to implement this compromise in an optimal way!


At this point, it makes sense to use a target/actual comparison to determine not only what measures are already being applied, but also whether there are any reasons to rethink the existing security concept. Another major component concerns the division of a building into areas and sectors that have different access authorisations and are secured by means of different technologies. For the outside area, for instance when securing perimeters with a particularly secure fence system. In a high-security area, besides the standard measures, biometric authentication is for example used as an additional identification feature.

ISO/IEC 27002, which presents information security as an overall task, can be another hurdle. The standard refers to 14 monitoring areas to which security management is applied according to the specific topic. In addition to data security for company and customer data, these include the areas of access control, physical and environmental security, and the protection of business operations. We can provide targeted assistance to companies that want to review their access control in order to identify weaknesses and uncover security gaps. Simply get in touch with us!


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