Are your property boundaries secure?

We develop comprehensive security concepts that effectively protect your premises against unauthorised access and physical dangers.

Are the security measures at your property boundaries adequate?

Ensure a secure perimeter: choose your perimeter security components wisely. Our experts will help you select and implement the ideal security measures.

It all depends on the right concept, because even the smallest errors in installation and deficiencies in execution can have a significant impact on security. We carry out an individual assessment, look at your existing solutions and put together the appropriate measures depending on the risk profile.

Perimeter security with Concepture

Independent, individual & holistic

Independent consulting

We work on a vendor-neutral basis, which allows us to select the optimal security solutions for your organisation without limiting ourselves to specific brands or vendors. Our top priority is to find the most effective and cost-efficient security solutions for your organisation.

Customised security concept

Whether you are developing a new security concept or integrating it into an existing system, our solutions guarantee seamless security.

Holistic approach to security

Our security consultants have a high level of expertise and knowledge in the field of perimeter security. We provide you with up-to-date best practices and industry-specific knowledge to maximise your security level and identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

The process

Introduction of physical perimeter security in five steps

Needs analysis and site inspection

We inspect the company premises to gain an overview of the existing structures and the premises themselves. Particular attention is paid to potential weak points, access points, the perpetrator profile (who are the potential attackers?) and the specific requirements of your company.


Development of measures

Based on the initial inspection and discussions with you, a detailed risk management plan is developed. Security zoning plays a key role here. This is because the interaction of several security measures of a technical, structural and organisational nature is crucial. For example, an attacker should be recognised at an early stage and as many barriers as possible created to keep them occupied until the intervention forces arrive.


Planning phase

The measures defined are then formulated in concrete plans and the tendering/contracting process can begin.



The actual implementation of the safety measures takes place in this phase. These measures are accompanied by Concepture and monitored, particularly with regard to quality assurance.


Review and customisation

Finally, we manage the functional tests and thus ensure that the systems fulfil the desired functions.

“As a transmission system operator, security of supply is our top priority. Our consultants at Concepture have been supporting us for years in making our systems more secure. The collaboration is characterised by a high level of expertise, reliability and trusting cooperation.”

Dieter Graf

Property safety expert, TTI Safety and Immissions, TransnetBW GmbH

Methods used

Customised services to protect your perimeter

Site analysis and risk assessment

As experts, we assess the current protection of your property boundaries and the effectiveness of your security measures depending on your individual risks.

Security audit

A comprehensive process in which a company's existing security measures are evaluated to identify weaknesses and develop suggestions for improvement in order to optimise security.

Lighting and sound concept to deter offenders

Design and planning of lighting and sound systems to deter potential intruders and improve the effectiveness of surveillance cameras.

Barrier technology and vehicle access controls

Installation of barriers, bollards and other physical barriers to regulate vehicle access.

Electronic monitoring of the perimeter

Implementation of sensors and detection systems along the perimeter for early detection of intrusion attempts.

Integration of security systems

Merging various security technologies into a centralised management system for efficient monitoring and control.

Frequently asked questions about perimeter protection

It is important for companies to keep an eye on their building boundaries. Here you will find questions and answers on the subject of physical perimeter security.

Physical perimeter security refers to measures used to physically secure a site or area to prevent unauthorised access or damage. This includes barriers such as fences, gates, walls, surveillance cameras, lighting and alarm systems.

It serves as the first line of defence to protect against break-ins, vandalism and other security threats. Effective perimeter security can deter or delay potential intruders, increasing the security of property and people on the premises. Early detection can also greatly reduce intervention time.

Depending on the security concept and security zoning, effective perimeter security can include the following measures: physical barriers (such as fences and walls), surveillance systems (cameras and sensors), access control systems (gates and barriers), lighting for deterrence and detection, drive-through protection and vehicle restraint systems as well as detection systems.

The selection should be based on the risk analysis, the location and the specific safety requirements. Important factors include height, material, visibility and resistance to cutting or climbing over.

Depending on the security concept, surveillance cameras can be an essential part of perimeter security. They enable real-time monitoring, can deter potential intruders and provide evidence in the event of a security incident.

Depending on the security concept and the specific local conditions, good lighting can act as a deterrent by increasing visibility and thus offering intruders fewer opportunities to go unnoticed.

Access control systems such as electronic gates and barriers are crucial for controlling who enters or leaves the site. They can also help to restrict access to certain areas within the site.

The security measures should be checked and maintained regularly to ensure that they are working properly. A thorough check should be carried out at least once a year, ideally by security experts.

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