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Security Awareness

Be it phishing mails, ransomware or social engineering – cyber attacks are becoming an ever greater threat to the existence of companies. According to the 2020 Bitkom study “Business protection in the networked world”, 50 percent of cyber criminals already find their way into the company network via employees. The consequences are often devastating. 

Strengthen your “human firewall” 
This danger can be significantly reduced through targeted trainings for your employees. At Concepture, we’ve been working on security for over 20 years. Our goal is to strengthen your “human firewall” and to sensitise your employees to this issue. Our security awareness training is designed to increase individual awareness of potential security vulnerabilities. 

In addition to our security awareness training, we also offer practice-based lectures as well as live hacking demonstrations for congresses and corporate events. Plus, we offer a comprehensive range of online training courses on other security topics with our cooperation partner. Feel free to contact us: we’ll gladly create an individual training package for you.

Security Awareness


Lukas Sökefeld
Cyber Security Consultant
Certified Ethical Hacker

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