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Do you know your way through the security regulation jungle?

In the technology-driven economy, companies must not only ensure security compliance, but also actively manage risks and strengthen their governance in order to withstand cyberattacks and meet strict regulatory standards.

With Concepture’s specialised security compliance consulting, you can optimally equip your company against the many security challenges. Our approach goes far beyond mere compliance with regulations. We navigate you through the maze of security requirements, proactively identify risks, strengthen your governance structures and establish a culture of compliance. This holistic strategy not only protects against current and future threats, but also creates the basis for sustainable growth and competitiveness.


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Strategic approach

Our approach to security compliance is based on the conviction that security is the result of a well thought-out strategy. We do not see security compliance as a product of chance, but as the result of targeted planning that both fulfils existing requirements and proactively addresses future risks. Concepture works directly and clearly: we identify risks, close security gaps and implement standards that go beyond mere legal compliance and reflect your operational reality.

Interdisciplinary expertise

Our interdisciplinary team, consisting of experts in law, engineering, IT and business administration, combines in-depth expertise with extensive management experience. This unique blend enables us to not only support you in the development and implementation of security strategies, but also to ensure that your business practices always meet the latest compliance standards.

Focus on future viability

Our vision for your security compliance goes beyond the here and now. We look to the future to ensure that your organisation is not only secure now, but will be ready for the challenges ahead. We focus on advanced security solutions that offer flexibility for future challenges while always keeping an eye on the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.


Our approach to security compliance consulting

Compliance analysis and evaluation

We start with a thorough analysis of your current compliance situation, identify gaps and priorities and assess your practices against industry-specific standards and legal requirements.


Customised strategy development

Based on the initial analysis, we develop a customised compliance strategy that ensures that your security measures not only meet current but also future requirements.


Implementation and monitoring

We support you in implementing the necessary processes, technologies and guidelines to ensure compliance. Through continuous monitoring, we ensure that you are always kept up to date and that adjustments can be made promptly.


Training and awareness-raising

We offer comprehensive employee training to raise awareness of security and the need for appropriate compliance. Our aim is to add a clear risk and security awareness to the existing corporate culture.


Reporting and documentation

Seamless documentation is essential for compliance. We help you to set up effective reporting structures and optimise the documentation of your safety and compliance measures.

Our services

On the road to compliance

Compliance consulting

Support in the interpretation and implementation of national and international safety regulations and standards.

Risk analyses and assessments

Identification and assessment of security risks in order to recognise vulnerabilities and plan preventive measures.

Security Governance

Creation and implementation of customised security policies and procedures in line with industry best practice.

Training and awareness-raising

Conducting training and awareness programmes for employees to raise awareness of security risks and compliance requirements.

Audit support

Assisting with internal and external audits, including conducting gap analyses to identify compliance gaps and develop action plans.

Frequently asked questions about security compliance consulting

Establishing security compliance may seem complex. Here we clarify your most important questions.

Security compliance consulting helps organisations to ensure that they meet all relevant security regulations and standards. This includes assessing current security measures, identifying compliance gaps and recommending improvements to minimise risks and raise security levels.

Security compliance is crucial to avoid legal penalties, minimise the risk of data loss or security breaches and strengthen the trust of customers and partners. Compliance also demonstrates that a company acts responsibly and with care regarding the security of sensitive information.

A compliance consultancy provides expert knowledge and resources to guide your organisation through the complex process of meeting specific security requirements. Consultants can develop customised solutions that are specifically tailored to your company’s needs and risk profiles, helping to optimise security policies and processes.

The consulting process usually begins with an inventory of your company’s existing security and compliance measures, followed by a risk analysis. Based on this, the consultants develop a strategy to close security gaps and improve compliance, implement the necessary measures and provide ongoing support to monitor and adapt the strategies.

While almost every company must fulfil certain security and data protection standards, the specific requirements vary depending on the industry, company size and type of data processed. Consultancy can help determine the specific compliance requirements for your company.

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