Business continuity: more than just a buzzword.

Business continuity management from Concepture: For companies that want to remain capable of acting in any situation.

Are you prepared for unexpected crises?

Today, maintaining continuous business processes is more critical than ever for companies. Increasing digitalisation, streamlined supply chains and the role of IT systems are contributing to increased vulnerability to disruptions – from cyber-attacks to natural disasters. How can you ensure that your organisation is resilient to such disruptions?

With comprehensive business continuity management (BCM) from Concepture, you can ensure that your company remains capable of acting even in times of crisis. Benefit from robust planning and fast response times that protect your business processes and minimise recovery time. This ensures continuity and protects your added value without having to invest in expensive ad hoc solutions.


Resilient, proactive, cost-efficient

Assessing risks

A well-thought-out BCM plan enables you to recognise and be prepared for a wide range of disruptions, whether they are caused by IT failures, natural disasters or other events, in good time. For you, this means that you remain capable of acting at all times and can ensure that business operations continue without interruption.

Act preventively

Implementing a BCM enables you not only to recognise potential risks, but also to develop suitable strategies to counteract them. This foresight prepares you not only for current risks, but also for future ones. This gives you a decisive competitive advantage and protects your company and your brand at the same time.

Save costs

Unexpected events can cause massive financial losses. Investing in a solid BCM not only limits potential financial losses, but also takes preventive measures that are ultimately more cost-effective than the potential expenses that could arise from business failures and optimise your business processes.


Our approach to business continuity management

Risk assessment

The aim is to identify and assess potential risks for your business processes. This includes collecting data, assessing the probability of risk and prioritising these risks according to relevance.


Business impact analyses

This involves analysing the actual, operational and financial impact of interruptions. The maximum permissible downtime for each of these processes is also determined.


Strategy development

Strategies and plans are developed to manage risks. This includes the selection of recovery strategies and the creation of recovery and communication plans.


Implementation & Training

All stakeholders are informed and trained on the BCM plan. Necessary processes and technologies are introduced and the plan is communicated to the stakeholders.


Regular review & further development

It is crucial to keep the BCM plan up to date and ensure that it adapts to changing business requirements and risks. Regular reviews and audits of the plan are carried out for this purpose. Feedback and actual events are taken into account to ensure the effectiveness of the plan through continuous improvement.

Our services

On the road to resilience

Strategic BCM development

We create BCM strategies based on the recognised ISO 22301 and BSI 200-4 standards, tailored to the needs and challenges of your company.

Risk and business impact analyses

We analyse the possible consequences of interruptions for our critical business processes and determine the maximum tolerable downtime.

Training & awareness raising

Successful BCM requires a well-informed team. We offer training courses to raise BCM awareness in your organisation.

Implementation support

From plan creation to practical implementation, we are at your side to ensure that your BCM plan works when needed.

Crisis communication

We establish communication channels to interact efficiently with your team, stakeholders and the public during and after a crisis.

FAQ about our BCM

Business continuity management (BCM) may seem complex. Here we clarify your most important questions.

BCM is a holistic process that ensures that an organisation’s critical business processes can continue in the event of an unforeseen event or crisis. It includes risk assessment, business impact analysis, strategy development and continuous improvement.

Any organisation can be affected by unexpected disruptions, whether due to technical failures, human error or natural disasters. Effective BCM is essential as it not only protects brand and reputation, but also ensures regulatory compliance, minimises financial losses and provides clear strategies for action in times of crisis. It also strengthens stakeholder confidence, prepares for modern threats and promotes a proactive corporate culture.

The first step is a risk assessment to identify potential threats and their impact on your organisation. Based on this, suitable continuity strategies and plans can be developed.

Part of our service is the selection of the appropriate standards and approaches for the customer. Whether ISO 22301, BSI Standard 200-4 or industry-specific standards and guidelines: We check for you what is suitable for your company in order to optimally guarantee your business continuity and efficiently minimise risks.

While an emergency plan usually only deals with immediate responses to a crisis, BCM deals with the entire preparation, response and recovery of business processes over a longer period of time.

The duration depends on the size and complexity of your organisation and the risks identified. Effective BCM requires time and commitment, but the benefits far outweigh the investment.

Absolutely! Not only should employees be involved, they also play a central role in the implementation and execution of the plan. Training and exercises are crucial for success.

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