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Data protection consulting by Concepture not only protects your business, but also drives it forward.

Data protection as an enabler

In a networked world, the protection of company data is crucial, but at the same time operational flexibility must be maintained. How do you manage this balancing act?

At Concepture, practicable data protection is at the centre of our consulting services. We believe that data protection should be integrated into the heart of your organisation without hindering operational dynamics. Our approach seamlessly integrates data protection into your business processes, striking a balance between compliance and operational efficiency so that your organisation can operate confidently and securely.


Legally compliant, interdisciplinary, individual

Legally compliant

Take advantage of the specialised legal expertise of our data protection experts. As fully qualified lawyers with a focus on data protection law, they recognise precise data protection risks, assess them expertly and take effective measures to safeguard your company.


Our approach to data protection combines legal and technical expertise through interdisciplinary collaboration between our data protection consultants and technical experts. This synergetic co-operation enables us to comprehensively solve even the most complex and specific data protection challenges of your company by taking into account both legal and technical perspectives.


At Concepture, your unique requirements and goals take centre stage. We develop customised data protection solutions that are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of your company. This customised advice ensures the design of data protection that meets legal requirements and at the same time effectively supports your business processes - both locally and globally.

How our data protection consulting works

Our 5-step approach to data protection

Needs analysis and target definition

In an initial meeting, we take the time to discuss your current data protection requirements and your company’s business objectives. We then analyse your existing data protection measures in order to recognise strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.


Risk assessment and compliance check

Through a thorough risk analysis, we specifically identify data protection risks that could affect your company. We then carry out a compliance audit to ensure that your data protection measures comply with the applicable laws and regulations, such as the GDPR.


Strategy development and action planning

Based on our previous analyses, we develop a data protection strategy tailored to your needs, taking into account both your operational and legal requirements. We then define a detailed plan that includes the steps for implementing this strategy, including prioritising tasks and planning the timeframe.


Implementation and training

After receiving your approval, we put the agreed data protection measures into practice. At the same time, we organise training for your employees to increase data protection awareness and ensure that the new guidelines are applied correctly.


Control and continuous improvement

We carry out regular reviews to ensure and adapt the effectiveness of the data protection measures. Even after implementation, our team remains available for questions and to continuously adapt your data protection strategy to new developments.

Our services

Our goal: data security at all times

Data protection consulting

At Concepture, we offer comprehensive advice designed to improve your data protection measures and minimise risks. Our service includes developing and implementing effective data protection policies, conducting data protection impact assessments and providing recommendations for the secure handling of personal data.

Data protection officer

According to the GDPR, the appointment of a data protection officer is required in certain cases. Concepture can fulfil this essential function within your company in order to guarantee consistent data protection compliance. This service includes monitoring data protection regulations, advising on data protection-compliant data collection and processing and organising employee training.

Data protection audits

Concepture conducts targeted risk analyses and compliance reviews to ensure your data protection compliance and identify risks. We evaluate your data processing processes, identify weaknesses and offer specific recommendations to improve your data protection practices.

Technical data protection consulting

Concepture focuses on optimising your IT systems and processes in accordance with the highest data protection standards. Our data protection and cyber security experts help to implement technical security measures for the optimal protection of personal data and advise on secure IT infrastructures.

Frequently asked questions about our data protection

Data protection may seem complex. Here we clarify your most important questions.

The consulting process begins with an initial meeting in which we aim to understand your specific requirements and objectives. We then carry out a situation analysis in order to develop a customised consulting approach.

For us, risk analyses and compliance audits are essential for identifying potential data protection risks in your company and ensuring that your data protection practices comply with legal requirements. They help to recognise weaknesses and improve data protection compliance.

Yes, Concepture can take on the role of the company data protection officer to monitor compliance with the GDPR and other data protection laws, ensure data processing processes comply with data protection regulations and train your team on data protection issues.

Data protection measures should be reviewed regularly to ensure their effectiveness and to identify new risks at an early stage. Concepture recommends carrying out a comprehensive review at least once a year or in the event of significant changes in data processing activities or IT systems.

If data protection gaps are identified during our consultation, we develop a detailed action plan to rectify these gaps. This can include the implementation of new security measures, adjustments to data processing procedures or training for employees.

Technical data protection consulting aims to design your IT systems and data processing procedures in such a way that they comply with the latest data protection standards. This includes the implementation of security measures to protect personal data and advice on secure IT infrastructures. This service is offered jointly with our cyber security experts.

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