Security expertise on demand: your vCISO from Concepture

Expert knowledge when you need it. Efficient, cost-saving and always up-to-date.

Is your cyber security effective and up-to-date?

The requirements for information security are constantly increasing. For many companies, it is a challenge to stay up to date and operate economically at the same time. How can you ensure that your company is optimally protected?

With a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) from Concepture, you get expert knowledge on demand. This ensures advanced, cost-effective management of your cyber security strategy that adapts to dynamic threats. Our external perspective allows us to think outside the box.


Interdisciplinar, flexible, compliant

In contrast to a single person with a virtual CISO, you benefit from the entire Concepture team.

Interdisciplinary expertise on call

We bring together a wide range of skills and expertise from different sectors and areas: strategy and design, risk and security management, cyber security, physical security and in-depth knowledge of individual legal requirements. And all this without having to employ a full-time CISO.


If you find or qualify a suitable CISO candidate, a full or partial handover of responsibility is easily possible. Our service adapts to your goals and priorities with a monthly flat rate and is therefore flexible and calculable for you.


Our vCISO translates cyber risks into your value chain and always keeps an eye on compliance and your risk management.

Frequently asked questions about our vCISO

Our vCISO is flexible and customised to your company’s needs. Here you will find the answers to your most pressing questions about the virtual Chief Information Security Officer.

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (“virtual CISO” or “vCISO”) is an information security subject matter expert that organisations can call upon to help plan and implement an effective cyber security strategy. Virtual CISOs offer valuable experience in terms of security, expertise and leadership.

A vCISO acts as an extended security element of an organisation to tackle specific information security challenges. Depending on requirements, they assess risks, develop suitable security guidelines and ensure compliance standards are met. Its services are diverse: from setting up internal security teams and developing security procedures to providing advice in crisis situations.

  • Cost efficiency: A vCISO enables companies to manage cyber security risks efficiently without having to employ an internal CISO. This saves the costs of recruiting and paying specialised full-time employees.
  • Flexibility and availability: Instead of hiring their own specialists, companies can draw on highly qualified and experienced security expertise when needed.
  • Combination of technology and governance: The vCISO brings both technical knowledge and corporate management experience to the table.
  • Independence and objectivity: As an external consultant, the vCISO offers a neutral perspective, avoiding possible internal biases.
  • Cross-industry experience: The vCISO brings knowledge from various industries.
  • Up-to-date expertise: vCISOs are always up-to-date in cyber security to provide you with the most effective strategies and solutions.

The exact cost of a vCISO service depends heavily on the specific requirements and the desired scope of services. As a security consultant, I have found that companies often benefit from the flexibility of a vCISO, as they only pay for the services they actually use. In contrast to hiring a permanent CISO, this can often save costs. It is advisable to carry out a precise needs analysis in advance in order to determine the optimum scope of the vCISO service and thus also to obtain a realistic cost framework.

The physical presence of a vCISO on site depends on the specific requirements and agreements with the company. However, it is common for a vCISO to be present at the beginning of the engagement and at key milestones or events.

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Your personal expert for our vCISO offer

Manuel Bohé

CEO & senior cyber security consultant

Contact Manuel Bohé directly for an individual consultation. With his in-depth expertise, he understands your challenges and can offer you customised solutions.

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