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We live in a world increasingly reliant on data and technology. In this context, a single security incident can have catastrophic consequences.

Data breaches can expose sensitive information, bring your business to a halt, and shake the trust of your customers.

For two decades, we’ve bridged the domains of physical security and cybersecurity to provide comprehensive protection against these threats. Our experts analyze your specific needs and craft tailored security strategies to effectively safeguard your valuable data and systems.

Why Concepture Should Be Your Security Partner

Three compelling reasons why we are the first choice for your security.

Tailored Solutions

Our approach is customized. We understand that every company is unique and requires a specific security strategy. Our experts analyze your particular needs and design a security solution that is perfectly tailored to your business.

Extensive Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in security consulting, security planning, and cybersecurity, we are well-equipped to help you meet your security requirements. We always stay updated with the latest technologies and implement the newest security standards to provide you with the best protection.

Independent Consultation

We operate vendor-neutral. This means we select the best security solutions for your company, regardless of brand or provider. Our top priority is to find the most effective and cost-efficient security solutions for your business.

Success Stories That Speak for Themselves

Our expertise, your security – read what our clients say about working with us.

„For us as a transmission system operator, supply security is paramount. Our consultants from Concepture have been assisting us for years in enhancing the security of our facilities. The collaboration is characterized by high professional competence, reliability, and a trustful relationship.”

Dieter Graf

Expert in Object Security, TTI Safety and Imissions, TransnetBW GmbH

„The security of our buildings, production, and entire infrastructure is essential for us as a family business and brand manufacturer. We are pleased to have found a competent partner in Concepture with whom we can collectively and sustainably enhance our security organization.”

Sebastian Block

Project Manager, Melitta Group GmbH & Co. KG

„Together with Concepture, we have already been able to significantly improve the maturity level for physical security throughout the Lake Constance water supply. The exchange on physical security in the field of water supply is close-knit, confidential, and very professional, making us always eager to collaborate with Concepture.”

Steffen Kächele

Central Management Systems Staff Department, Bodensee Wasserversorgung

„Concepture advises Koelnmesse on which technical facilities need to be managed on our 400,000 sqm site. The technical security architecture is vital in emergencies, and Koelnmesse is pleased to have a competent partner by its side.

Lukas Huptas

Project Manager, Infrastructure, Koelnmesse GmbH

More Than Just Complex Terms: Your Security in Action

Our services might sound complicated, but their impact is straightforward: They provide your business with the protection and security it requires.


With our comprehensive security management, we holistically protect your critical business processes.

Our Business Continuity Management ensures that your business runs smoothly even in times of crisis. Thoughtful strategies and preventive measures ensure uninterrupted operational capability, even when the unexpected happens.

Our tailor-made security concepts provide you with the exact protection you need.

We design resilient security architectures for you that meet both legal and normative requirements for critical infrastructures and sustainably help to eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

Protecting your valuable data is our priority. With our information security management system, we ensure that your confidential information is always safe and secure.

We ensure that you comply with all applicable data protection laws and that your customers’ data is secure.

Security Planning

We design video surveillance systems to protect your buildings and properties, seamlessly integrating them into your security architecture.

We design the security of your perimeters based on the individual requirements of your zone transitions.

We design your access control systems, taking into account the operational freedom of movement while staying within a reasonable cost framework.

Early warning systems like intrusion detection systems protect your property and ensure a rapid response in the event of a break-in.

Effectively control access to sensitive areas of your business with security gates.

We design your emergency lighting system to aid orientation in critical situations and to prevent accidents as effectively as possible.

Ensure with electro-acoustic systems that your employees are quickly informed in case of emergency and can respond appropriately.

Protect your privacy and trade secrets from unwanted surveillance by drones.

We design your security control center for maximum efficiency and control.

Protect your staff and facilities from the dangers of smoke and heat with a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system.

Early detection of fires can save lives and minimize property damage. We design your fire detection system.

Cyber Security

We advise you on choosing the best technologies to keep your data and systems secure.

We detect attacks in real-time and protect your systems and data.

We identify vulnerabilities with our penetration test before hackers can exploit them.

We train your staff in the best practices for cybersecurity to minimize human errors and raise awareness.

We've Got Answers: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most pressing questions about our security services.

Our range of services extends from security consulting and planning to cybersecurity. We assist businesses in protecting their infrastructure, data, and workflows from threats.

Our hallmark is a comprehensive view of security. We understand, for instance, that designing an access control system is much more than just an engineering task. It needs to be integrated into the security concept and company guidelines and must also be prepared against network attacks. The combination of technical expertise, interdisciplinary perspective, and tailored solutions distinguishes us as your reliable partner.

Our services help businesses identify threats before they can cause damage. For instance, a gap analysis might reveal vulnerabilities in your current security processes, or business continuity management could ensure that your business continues to run smoothly even in times of crisis.

We warmly invite you to contact us. In a personal conversation, we can discuss your specific requirements and provide you with more detailed information on our services tailored to your situation.

We consistently invest in training, further education, and attend industry conferences. Through continuous discussions about current developments in the security landscape with academia and industry peers, our expertise is constantly expanded and updated. Furthermore, we allocate resources to research new technologies, methods, and best practices to ensure we always offer you the most advanced and effective security solutions.

Your security is just a click away.

Do you have questions that weren’t addressed here, or would you like a personal conversation? We look forward to assisting you.

Let's secure your success, together.

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