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Planning Security Control Centres

Control centre, master display, control room or security centre – in each case, critical information converges here, which must be evaluated and requires a correct response. Today, terms like “control centre” or “master display” tend to sound a bit dusty and outdated. It’s easy to imagine a room full of mechanical or electrical indicators, signal lamps and outdated communication devices.

Admittedly, that image is somewhat exaggerated – but many control centres are still far from realising their potential, both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Yet precisely such a workplace as this can be made noticeably more efficient by means of technology. Messages from different systems converge here. Employees are supposed to evaluate, decide and communicate in the shortest possible time. And of course, it all has to be fully documented. Obviously, a modern control centre can do all this far more effectively than a control centre that relies on checklists and the telephone. However, there have also been significant improvements in software in recent years that offer considerable advantages. Reason enough to take a closer look at your existing or planned control centre, control room or security centre. As manufacturer-independent consultants and expert planners, we’re gladly at your disposal for a non-binding consultation.

Planung Sicherheitsleitstellen

Questions to ask when planning a security centre

  • What requirements should be set for the location?
  • How should the utilisation unit be designed (ergonomics, work and fire safety regulations, finishing and interior design, etc.)?
  • What requirements should you set for the design of the workplace?
  • How can a maximally effective system be created from signalling systems, software, media and communication technology?
  • How can work processes and tasks be optimised?
  • How can you specifically increase efficiency and effectiveness through state-of-the-art systems?
  • What savings would be possible as a result?
  • What expertise is needed for the technical planning (energy, IT, security technology, emergency power, information security, etc.)?
  • How should the organisational aspects be designed (personnel, structures, processes, reporting chains, reports, authority interfaces, etc.)?
  • What size of investment should you expect?
  • What budget should you allocate for operating costs?
  • What form of return on investment calculation is appropriate?

Why you’ll get the answers to these questions from us
As a manufacturer-neutral engineering company, we’re on your side. We think through projects from the perspective of the final outcome and are committed heart and soul to the success of your project. You’ll benefit from our accumulated expertise in project management. Our team of engineers and computer scientists guarantees a “one-stop” service for you! We’ll successfully guide your project to its goal! All the way from the initial discussions and stocktaking, through planning, tendering and monitoring its implementation to successful acceptance. And we won’t budge from your side until the agreed results have been achieved.


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