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Penetration test

Even a whole series of security measures is only as strong as its weakest link. If you are interested in lastingly effective security, it’s essential that you regularly check your security architecture for weak points. We can tell you, based on our many years of experience, that new vulnerabilities are always emerging. Unfortunately, the fact that everything was fine at your company last year doesn’t mean that that’s still the case today. The result of a penetration test (or “pentest”) always provides a momentary snapshot.

Vulnerability analyses should be a regular exercise and penetration tests are thus an indispensable tool in a modern cyber security infrastructure. However, security awareness training and securing your digital perimeter can also play a preventive role in protecting your IT and OT infrastructure.

Penetrationstest, Pentest

In order to identify your vulnerabilities, we use the following techniques (among others):

  • A combination of semi-automatic vulnerability scans & manual testing.
  • Black-box testing (simulation of an external attack in which the attacker has little knowledge of the target system).
  • White-box test (simulation of an attack from inside the company: the attacker has extensive information on IP addresses as well as on the software and hardware of the IT systems to be tested).
  • Grey-box test (simulation of an attack in which the attacker is in possession of some information and independently obtains the additional information).
  • Manual verification of security vulnerabilities.
  • Review of security configurations, designs & codes.
  • Identification of misconfigurations.
  • Network & packet analysis, as well as API monitoring.
  • Reverse engineering.


Lukas Sökefeld
Cyber Security Consultant
Certified Ethical Hacker

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