Burglar alarm systems: prevention meets technology

We plan burglar alarm systems that offer your company customised protection against burglary, theft and sabotage.

How well is your company protected against burglary and sabotage?

From direct material losses and unauthorised data theft to long-term reputational damage and disruption to business continuity: a break-in can have a wide range of consequences. How can you ensure that your company is fully protected against such threats?

With our in-depth understanding of the requirements of commercial security and our expertise in implementing leading security technologies, we offer you a comprehensive solution. We carry out a thorough analysis of potential threats and develop an optimised security concept based on this, integrating preventive measures and effective alarm strategies.

Burglar alarm systems with Concepture

Comprehensive, individual & independent

Comprehensive threat analysis

By identifying potential intrusion threats at an early stage and developing effective prevention strategies, you can significantly minimise the risk of security incidents. This forward-looking approach not only protects your physical and digital property, but also strengthens the trust of your customers and business partners in the security of your company.

Customised security solutions

Our approach recognises the uniqueness of every company. Through customised advice and planning, we ensure that your burglar alarm system is perfectly tailored to your company's specific security needs and requirements.

Independent security expertise

We work on a vendor-neutral basis, which allows us to select the optimal security solutions for your organisation without limiting ourselves to specific brands or vendors. Our top priority is to find the most effective and cost-efficient security solutions for your organisation.

The process

Our path: step by step to comprehensive protection

Protection target definition, offender profiling and vulnerability assessment

Your path to a customised security solution begins with the definition of clear protection objectives, followed by a detailed analysis of potential threat actors and the careful assessment of vulnerabilities in your facility. This strategic approach forms the solid basis for the development of a security concept that is not only precisely tailored to your requirements, but also takes effective action against identified risks.


Strategy development for hazard defence

The comprehensive risk analysis is followed by the development of targeted security measures. We attach great importance to the selection and use of state-of-the-art technologies that are precisely tailored to the previously identified weak points and potential offender profiles. By defining effective alarm and intervention plans, we ensure a rapid response in the event of an emergency in order to guarantee your complete security


Conceptual realisation phase

This phase transforms the preliminary security concept into a comprehensive project. We draw up precise technical plans, define realistic schedules and determine all the necessary resources. Particular attention is paid to the selection and positioning of monitoring components to maximise protection against identified threats. Working closely with you, we continuously integrate your feedback to ensure that the final security concept meets your specific requirements and expectations.


Implementation and quality control

The actual implementation of the safety measures takes place in this phase. These measures are accompanied by Concepture and monitored, particularly with regard to quality assurance.


Function test and system optimisation

Implementation is followed by the crucial phase of functional testing, in which the performance and reliability of the entire safety system is comprehensively tested. These tests include checking the sensors, signalling devices, indicators and actuators as well as the power supply to ensure that all components function correctly and work together effectively. Based on the results of these tests, we have targeted adjustments made to further optimise the system and ensure maximum security against the identified threats. The performance and results of the functional tests are documented in detail to ensure transparent and traceable quality assurance.

“As a transmission system operator, security of supply is our top priority. Our consultants at Concepture have been supporting us for years in making our systems more secure. The collaboration is characterised by a high level of expertise, reliability and trusting cooperation.”

Dieter Graf

Property safety expert, TTI Safety and Immissions, TransnetBW GmbH

Methods used

Comprehensive services for your customised burglar alarm system

Security requirements analysis

Carrying out risk and vulnerability analyses to determine your specific security needs and provide an overview of the necessary protective measures.

Planning and design of security systems

Development of customised security concepts, taking into account the architectural conditions, the risk level and your budget.

Selection of technology

Advice on the selection of suitable burglar alarm systems, such as sensors, cameras and alarm systems, based on the latest technology and value for money.

Integration into existing systems

Support with the integration of the new burglar alarm system into existing security or building management systems.

Legal compliance and standards

Advice on compliance with local regulations, standards and best practices in the area of intrusion protection.

Emergency and crisis management planning

Support in the development of emergency plans and response strategies in the event of a break-in.

Frequently asked questions about burglar alarm systems

Many companies are confronted with specific security requirements and questions about how best to prevent break-ins. In our FAQ section, we offer you comprehensive answers to the most common questions about burglar alarm systems.

A burglar alarm system is a security system that is implemented to detect and report break-ins and unauthorised access at an early stage. It typically consists of sensors fitted to doors and windows, motion detectors indoors and a central control system that triggers alarms and, if necessary, sends a message to a security service or the police.

Burglar alarm systems work with various sensors that detect physical changes such as movements or the opening of windows and doors. When such a change is detected, the sensors send a signal to the central unit, which then triggers an alarm, activates lights or sends a notification to the owner or a monitoring centre, for example, depending on the programming.

There are different types of burglar alarm systems, including wired, wireless and hybrid systems. Wired systems are connected to sensors via cables, while wireless systems use radio technology. Hybrid systems combine both technologies. The choice of system depends on the specific needs and structure of the property to be secured.

Choosing the right burglar alarm system depends on a number of factors, including the size and structure of the building, the number of access points, the areas to be monitored and specific security needs. A professional security consultation can help you assess your needs and find the most suitable solution.

Many modern burglar alarm systems are designed so that they can be integrated with other security systems, such as surveillance cameras, fire protection systems or access control systems. This enables a comprehensive security solution that can be monitored and controlled centrally.

What happens when an alarm is triggered depends on many factors and cannot be answered in general terms. Options include, for example, notifying the owner or an authorised person by phone call, text message or app notification, as well as automatically forwarding the alarm to a monitoring centre, which can then respond accordingly.

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