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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire protection considerations, fire protection concepts and the planning of a fire alarm system (FAS) should be included as early as possible in the planning of new buildings or the conversion of existing buildings. The overarching goal when using a fire alarm system is to ensure an early alarm in order to protect people and property and to increase operational safety.

A fire alarm system is planned in accordance with DIN VDE 0833-2, the relevant German-wide standard: “Hazard detection systems for fire, intrusion and hold-up – Part 2: Specifications for fire alarm systems”. It was last completely revised in April 2017. There are innovations, for example, in the transmission paths and radio connections, the power supply, the detector groups and detection zones. We plan your fire alarm system– adequately sized, within the budget and certified.

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Fire alarm systems are part of holistic fire protection solutions for buildings with different types of use. Many buildings and public facilities are classified as “special buildings”, according to their usage category. These can for example be schools, hospitals, homes (for the elderly, etc.) and penal institutions. This is reflected in the requirements for structural and downstream technical fire protection. In addition, the legislator also makes appropriate specifications.

In addition to DIN VDE 0833-1 and 2, the DIN standard DIN 14675 generally describes the professional installation and operation of a fire alarm system that can trigger a direct alarm to the fire department. The DIN standard applies to standardised fire department peripherals throughout Germany. In the technical connection conditions of the fire departments, details are regulated differently at the municipal level.

The requirements of the building authorities determine how a system must be specifically planned and dimensioned. Economic considerations also play a role in selecting a particular solution. In addition to the acquisition costs, it’s also important to keep an eye on the running operating costs. A technically and economically optimally dimensioned fire alarm system is an important step towards more fire protection and operational safety. It reduces the risk of personal injury and property damage, as well as problematic delivery failures. The consulting process is intended to produce a fire alarm system that’s optimally designed for the specific case – both technically and economically.

Are you wondering how to best meet the requirements for a fire alarm system based on your existing fire protection concept? Or are you planning to expand it and need a professional assessment? We‘re happy to help you!




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