Fire alarm systems: progress in fire protection

We plan precise fire protection technology for professional requirements

Are you prepared for the risks of fire?

The risk of fire is constantly increasing in modern business environments. How do you ensure that your company is protected against such catastrophic events?

Rely on advanced fire alarm systems that are specially tailored to the requirements of your business. New technologies enable rapid responses and minimise property damage to ensure your business continuity and, above all, save lives.

Fire Alarm Systems with Concepture

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Early detection

Modern fire alarm systems enable immediate detection of smoke and fire in your company. This guarantees a rapid response to potential hazards, saving lives and minimising damage to property. Your organisation remains capable of acting even in an emergency and business interruptions are effectively prevented.


Fire alarm systems help companies to fulfil legal safety standards required by insurance companies and official regulations. Installing and maintaining such systems ensures that a company complies with regulatory requirements and minimises the risk of legal consequences.

Proactive security strategy

By using new fire alarm systems, you implement a proactive safety strategy based on precise technology. Not only do you recognise potential fire hazards at an early stage, but you can also develop appropriate protective measures to safeguard your company in the long term.

The Procedure

Our approach: Safety at every step

Needs analysis

In the first step, we work with you to determine your requirements and check which documents are needed and which specific requirements need to be met. In addition, we review documents that have already been provided (e.g. floor plans, fire protection concept or electrical planning, if applicable).


Development of measures

In the next step, we will determine specific protection objectives, in particular the scope of monitoring and the individual requirements resulting from the architectural features and utilisation of your building. Further coordination meetings and, if necessary, on-site appointments are used to discuss details and obtain any missing information.


Planning phase

The planning phase includes the selection of suitable equipment based on the previously defined requirements. We will draw up floor plans that include the positioning and installation of the equipment in accordance with the applicable guidelines. Checking and adapting the energy supply and system capacities also play a role in this phase.



The actual implementation of the security measures by the system integrator takes place in this phase. At the customer’s request, these measures are accompanied by Concepture and monitored, particularly with regard to quality assurance. The planning is continuously adapted to structural changes or modified requirements.



We create documentation (inspection plans, data sheets, etc.) for subsequent inspections and maintenance as well as any extensions to the system. These also serve as the basis for the creation of fire service route maps

Our services

Comprehensive advice

Planning and design

Development of customised solutions that are precisely tailored to your structural conditions and operational requirements.

Compliance and certification consulting

Support in complying with national and international safety regulations and fire protection standards.

Integration into existing security systems

Advice on integrating the fire alarm system into existing security infrastructures such as intrusion detection or access control systems.

Extension and modernisation advice

Advice on expanding and modernising old systems in order to integrate technological advances and increase security.

Dokumentation and reporting

Creation and management of documentation required for audits, compliance checks and operational reviews.

Technology selection

Providing expert knowledge of the latest technologies in fire alarm systems to help you select the most appropriate systems.

Frequently asked questions about fire alarm systems

It is important for companies to keep an eye on fire protection. Here you will find answers to your most urgent questions about fire alarm systems

A fire alarm system is a system of sensors and alarm devices developed to detect and report fires at an early stage. This enables rapid response measures to prevent personal injury and damage to property.

Fire alarm systems continuously monitor the surrounding area for signs of smoke, heat and sometimes flames. When these danger signals are detected, the system automatically activates an alarm to enable evacuation and alert the fire brigade.

There are different types of fire alarm systems, including simple smoke detectors for home use to complex systems for industrial or commercial facilities that can combine smoke, heat and flame detectors.

Fire alarm systems are crucial for ensuring the safety of people in buildings. They minimise the risk of injury and death from fires and reduce property damage by ensuring early detection and rapid response.

The need for a fire alarm system depends on the specific fire protection regulations of your location and the type and use of your building. The legal and insurance requirements for the installation of fire alarm systems in commercial and public buildings must be observed. If you have any questions about the legal requirements for your company, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

The selection should be based on a thorough risk analysis and the specific requirements of your organisation. Our experts can help you develop a customised solution that meets your needs and regulations.

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