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Business Continuity Management

In times of crisis, business processes must be resilient to internal and external influences in order to ensure business success. Do you know how to deal with risks that will most likely not occur but could cause immense damage? Which processes are at all business-critical and is your critical information sufficiently protected in the event of a crisis?

Steering a safe course in times of crisis

Business continuity management (BCM) helps you answer all these questions: its purpose is to ensure that, in the event of a crisis or emergency, your company is able to continue its time-critical activities at a minimum level (emergency operation) and guarantee a quick restoration of normal operations, if possible without major consequential damage. With processes being increasingly digitalised, this requires IT to be an integral part of BCM as well.

As neutral consultants, we support you in developing relevant, company-specific crisis scenarios and continuity strategies. We are convinced that holistic BCM makes a decisive contribution to the resilience of your security architecture and should be part of any serious risk management.

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Holger Berens
Managing Partner

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