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Security consulting with method

We are convinced that there must always be at least one very good reason for introducing security measures. Because there is usually a trade off between security on the one hand and freedom on the other. If security measures are implemented as an end in themselves, it is not surprising if those affected try to circumvent or obstruct them.

A serious argument for security measures is very often found in specifications (national and international laws, insurance conditions, customer specifications) to which a company and usually also directly the management or the board of directors are obliged. The goal of creating compliance with such requirements in order to protect the company’s resources, ensure business continuity, customers, employees and other stakeholders is a solid foundation for the development of an effective security management system that is aligned with the company’s goals and the implementation of appropriate security measures.

According to this basic approach, our security consulting is built up according to the following steps:

GAP-Analyse Sicherheit, Sicherheitslücken

For what security?
Developing the “reason why”: Through interviews, questionnaires and research, we learn the underlying motivations, reasons, internal and external drivers for safety. With a clear and solid answer to the question “What do we want to design safety for?” it is easier to win employees and other stakeholders for everything that follows. Not only to gain approval in the short term, but to work the issue of safety into the corporate culture in a sustainable way. It also provides an important basis for selecting the appropriate security measures.

Safety in the reality check
Capturing the “operational reality”: Every company has its own history, organisational structure and procedures, business activities, infrastructure and operating climate, which must be sufficiently taken into account when developing security objectives and strategies if they are to be successfully implemented and maintained. Security management and measures are intended to protect operations, not prevent them. Therefore, a good knowledge of the “operational reality” is essential for any security planning.

Risk analysis
Identify and assess risks: Through the first two steps, our consultants already have a very good understanding of your company. Together with managers and other employees of your organisation who are helpful for this step, we now identify and assess the risks relevant to your security topic and the possible impact this may have on your company. The risk analysis also includes the assessment of compliance risks.

Development of safety goals and strategies
The goal describes the “what”, the strategy, the way to get there. In other words, the “how”. At the end of this phase, there are clear guidelines and explicit descriptions. From company-specific security guidelines, concretising guidelines and processes, to the technical and/or organisational planning of the implementation of measures. Depending on what is relevant for your company now.

To develop a good plan but not implement it – that would be a shame. For us too. Our consultants see themselves as practitioners and also want to see how good plans are implemented in your company and develop their effect in operational practice. That is why we stay by your side in this important phase of realisation – to ensure the implementation of safety goals, strategies and measures in practice.

Evaluation and optimisation
The principle of continuous improvement is also well applied to the topic of security. Because there are always learnings and opportunities to improve something. It must also be considered that framework conditions can change. Are there new security incidents or threats? Weaknesses in the security chain? Legal or quasi-legal requirements? Security goals and strategies, as well as the KPIs in security management, must be reviewed at regular intervals.

Safety consulting is a continuous process that needs to be regularly updated and adapted to ensure that the company complies with legal requirements and standards.

Wherever you are in the process of designing your security organisation – we are there for you. Use our competence and experience to move forward quickly and effectively!

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