Safety as a catalyst

Security that not only protects your company, but also supports its freedom of movement and growth in global markets.

How robust is your security architecture?

Today, companies are exposed to an unprecedented range of threats that can even jeopardise their existence. In this situation, security is no longer an option, but a fundamental necessity.

Our aim is to develop security solutions that comprehensively protect your organisation without compromising its operational flexibility. We ensure adherence to relevant compliance requirements, provide robust protection in both the physical and cyber areas and promote a forward-looking security culture.


Holistic, interdisciplinary, customised

Holistic approach

Our strategic security consulting extends the scope of traditional security approaches and provides a comprehensive perspective on your organisation's security landscape. As your long-term partner, we are committed to providing ongoing support to dynamically adapt your security strategies to new threats and business developments.

Interdisciplinary expertise

Our interdisciplinary team, consisting of experts in law, engineering, IT and business administration, combines in-depth expertise with extensive management experience. This unique blend enables us to not only support you in the development and implementation of security strategies, but also to ensure that your business practices always meet the latest compliance standards.

Customised solutions

We recognise the uniqueness of each company and develop security strategies that are perfectly tailored to your business, supporting your goals and promoting growth. Our approach ensures a strong foundation for compliance and security. Choose us as your partner to securely realise your vision in a changing regulatory environment.

Flexible collaboration models

Our collaboration options

Classic consulting projects

From the initial consultation to implementation, we accompany you every step of the way to achieve your security goals and protect your company against current and future threats.


Management coaching

Our personalised coaching for managers aims to raise awareness of safety issues and promote a proactive safety culture that starts at the top of the company.


Interim management

For organisations that require temporary management support, we offer experienced security experts to act as interim managers and ensure that your security strategies are implemented effectively.

“The security of our buildings, production and entire infrastructure is essential for us as a family business and brand manufacturer. We are delighted to have found a competent partner in Concepture, with whom we can work together to increase our security organisation holistically and in the long term.”

Sebastian Block

Project manager, Melitta Group GmbH & Co. KG

Our services

Optimum protective measures and regulatory compliance

Customised security strategies

We develop customised security strategies that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your company. By defining clear security objectives and priorities, we help you to allocate your resources effectively and build a robust line of defence.

Risk management

Our experts systematically identify and assess the security risks to which your company is exposed. By prioritising these risks, we develop strategies to proactively manage and minimise them.

Security governance

We support you in establishing effective security governance that includes clear responsibilities and guidelines. This ensures consistent implementation of security measures and promotes a strong security culture throughout the organisation.

Crisis management

In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to respond to unforeseen events is critical. We help you develop robust crisis management plans and emergency response strategies to respond effectively to security incidents.

FAQ about our consulting services

Establishing security and compliance may seem complex. Here we clarify your most important questions.

Strategic security and compliance consulting is a service aimed at helping organisations develop and implement their security strategies and ensure that they comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This includes risk assessments, the development of security policies, the implementation of security measures and advice on compliance standards.

This service is aimed at companies and organisations of all sizes and industries that want to improve their security measures and ensure that they meet current compliance requirements. This can range from small start-ups to large multinational corporations.

The first step is usually to have an initial meeting to discuss your current security and compliance requirements. This is followed by a comprehensive assessment of your existing security measures and compliance practices to identify areas for improvement.

Yes, many aspects of the consultation can be conducted remotely, including initial interviews, certain assessments and the provision of recommendations. However, for some parts of the process, such as physical security assessments, an on-site presence may be required.

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